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Baby Blankets and its Variety: When it comes to the types of baby blankets, there are many and the few commonly used terminologies or varieties are: baby quilts, receiving blankets, baby afghans, to name few. Baby blankets are normally made out of various materials including cotton, synthetic materials and afghans and you can also have baby quilts made out of pure cotton.

You can make use of the receiving blankets for your baby’s daily use, as they are the soft and light variety and are very useful for wrapping or swaddling a newborn. If you do not know what is swaddling, then it is nothing but wrapping the baby, especially the newborn, with blankets so as to create a near womb like situation.

In order to swaddle your baby, you can use the receiving blanket. First lay the blanket on a flat surface at an angle, fold and shape in a triangular fashion. Once set, you can position the baby on its back and with its head lined up with the top of the fold, duly wrapping the sides and tucking on both sides.

Baby blankets made out of synthetic materials or cotton yarn are in fact afghans and you can also get it either crocheted or knitted. Majority of people knit their own afghan baby blankets and you can also buy them from your neighborhood stores. In case you choose to knit them then you can get many scintillating patterns from Internet.

Out of all the baby blankets, afghan baby blankets make a very special gift due to the effort and the love that go into making them by individuals. Though picking a ready made piece from a near by store is easy, nothing can match if you can crochet your own baby blanket and such blankets are also serve as a very valuable gift for the giver and the receiver alike.

Baby quilts are made out of either cotton or synthetic materials and are often hand made. Quilts are wonderful companions for babies, as they are very comfortable and beautiful and there are bigger sized quilts that can spread on floor once the baby learn to turn on their stomach. Baby quilts are considered special and hence many people prefer to have their baby’s name embroidered on it and it can also serve the purpose of a gift for your loved ones.

Besides these, there are also other varieties such as micro fleece or standard fleece, and they also come with cartoon characters to give you a better ambience. Of all the varieties, the micro fleece is very soft and is suitable for all skin types.

Alternatively you can also buy materials with various patterns and make your own baby blanket by simply following the easy to make instructions. To make the baby blanket more attractive, you can also attach knotted materials along the borders and such type of blankets will be very good looking.



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