How to Ascertain the Safety Features of the Baby Crib you are about to Buy

A baby crib is an inseparable requirement for a baby and any new parent will always look for buying one for their newborn baby. Human life is precious and as the baby is still more precious you have to be doubly careful while selecting the bay crib for your baby.

Of late, many babies have met with accidents due to poor standards of cribs and hence it is your prime duty to ascertain the safety features of the crib you are about to buy. There are various sources from which you can get to know the various standards and safety features of a baby crib and you can make use of these information while you go for shopping to buy the baby crib.

Many people prefer antique and antique looking baby cribs, but such antique cribs seldom fulfil the safety norms and might prove to be dangerous for a new baby. Few decorative parts of the antique baby cribs may be protruding and may pose a danger to the baby. Further the antique baby cribs sport restrictive bars that are wide apart and this may make the baby to get stuck between the bars and get injured. The distance between such bars should not be very wide, as there is possibility of the baby’s head get stuck and choked.

The next safety requirement of a baby crib is that it should have solid and supportive headboard and footboard and such platform should not have any decoration so as to avoid any injury to the tender baby.

Use Standard Quality Pillows and Supporting Materials in Crib

Ensure that you use only the mattress that snugly fits into the base of the baby crib and this will avoid the baby’s head from getting stuck between the mattress and the sides of the crib. Ensure that that there are no gaps between the mattress edges and the sides of the crib.

If the gap is equal or more than the size of your two fingers, then it has to be considered as dangerous. Hence in such case, try to change the mattress or the crib in the interests of your baby’s safety.As a responsible parent you should also ensure that you do not leave any plastic materials or packaging materials inside the crib as there is every chance for them to get entangled over the baby’s face and suffocate the baby.

Before buying your baby crib check the crib and ensure that none of the hardware parts are dangerously placed and ensure that there are no protruding and sharp edges, as the same can cause bleeding injuries to the baby. You can find bumper strips in few baby cribs and in such case you have to ensure that these bumper strips are securely attached to the crib to avoid possible danger to the baby.



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