How the Baby Yarn has Earned its Name and why it is Exclusive for Babies

By nature or by general standards, Baby yarn is soft and light that make it very suitable for certain lightweight baby garments and blankets. Many vendors come out with a variety of baby yarns and majority of them will vary in color and weight depending upon the vendor.Further many baby yarn products will have free designs for baby blankets and if you know crocheting then you can make use of the instructions to knit or crochet your own baby blankets.

Latest Hobbies are Knitting and Crocheting

The days where you can see only grandmothers doing the knitting and crocheting have gone and both knitting and crocheting have become a hobby for all people of all age groups today. You can make wonderful baby blankets with baby yarn easily, as the patterns using baby yarns are very simple and easy both for knitting and crocheting.

If you are new to either crochet or knitting, then you can give a try to baby yarn blankets to start with and to learn all the basics. It is also true that most of the baby yarn blanket designs use only larger hooks in the place of finer ones and you can make one of such baby yarn blankets as your week end pastime activity also.

Baby Yarn and its Hues

Majority of the baby yarn will have a pastel color scheme and there may be a slight change in the intensity of the color depending upon the manufacturer. The colors that you get in any baby yarn will be pink, purple, blue, yellow, and green and you also have few patterns that use white with multi-colored blends so that you get a variety.

Further such multi-colored patterns may not make it necessary for you to switch yarn except between skeins and hence it will be easy even for beginners. If any of the patterns use colors other than the available one in baby yarn category, then you can use yarns that come with the similar weight category and alternatively you can also get it done through a craftsman.

Free Sewing Patterns using Baby Yarn

Baby yarn is known for its suppleness and you also have multitude varieties of free projects which you can crochet using baby yarn. In fact, there is one pattern for every occasion and you will never run out of variety when it comes to patterns using baby yarn. For instance, there are octopus designs that uses 2 skeins baby yarn (preferably in contrasting colors), 1 medium sized rubber ball, 1 rubber band or it may be even a clip that holds girls’ pony tails, 1 satin pre-tied bow of medium size, hot glue gun, and large google eyes.

To start with cut each skein of baby yarn and make strands of 36 inch length; make 2 equal piles of each color; and you can make use of the short pieces for making additional even piles. Alternating the colors, you can now arrange the even piles in an asterisk fashion. Now place a tennis ball at the center where the yarn overlaps, and gather the yarn around the ball, duly securing the yarn with a rubber band in a pony tail fashion.

Once this is done, separate the colors and make it into separate braids. Now you will get 8 legs or braids, and you can use the additional or the extra pieces of baby yarn for tying over the rubber band so that the band will go under the yarn and not visible. Use the hot glue gun to secure eyes and bow tie/bow in hair. Your octopus is ready now.



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