Know why Your Baby named with Popular Baby Name can get Perplexed

It is quite common for you to see people naming their children with some popular baby names, as the reason could be that those parents may not like to break any existing trend or tradition.

Though there is every possibility or chance by coincidence for two parents choosing the same popular baby name for their respective babies, if the chosen name happens to be too common then those babies with same names might have to face many disturbing and embarrassing situations in their life.

Children will get Baffled

Whenever you decide to choose a popular baby names depending upon your times or probably your earlier times, then there is every possibility of the same names getting christened to many babies, may be even in the same locality and once these children start attending school, the real problem will crop up as that of a bolt from blue. Your child named after one popular baby name may find similar named peers in his/her class and this is enough to make your child confused and to lose concentration in his/her career.

Changed Spelling doesn’t do any good

If you can ever think that a novel spelling given to the popular baby name can do the trick and save your child from all his/her name related problems, please have a second thought, as any such manipulation may not yield positive results. Your unique spelling of the name, instead of making the condition conducive, it can further create chaos and your baby will become more confused for many reasons like difficulty to learn the correct spelling of the name, etc., and this can affect your child’s learning process.

Unsolicited Identity

By way of your giving a popular baby name to your baby, you are in fact preventing him/her from fitting into his/her own times. For instance, if you happen to choose the popular baby name “Larry,” which is at least two generations behind, unwittingly you have given your child a name that will make him to trail by at least two generations. When there is every possibility for such things to happen, the best way to avoid any unanticipated issues is to avoid the popular baby name altogether.

The Possible way out

By this time your mind would have started asking for the possible way out. Though it is better you avoid any popular baby names, there is no harm in your choosing any of the popular baby names if the same happens to be the names of your parents or grandparents and if you feel that you are doing an honor for them. But for any general reasons, never get tempted to choose any of the popular baby names for your baby and resolve to choose some uniquely different baby name so that your baby will be seen as special in the eyes of the world.



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