Knowing the Various Ways of Reciprocation and showing Gratitude for a Baby Shower

Every country has got innumerable numbers customs and practices and each and every one of them will have a moral or a message behind it. Majority of the functions or customs is meant for socializing and to share love and such occasions also pave way for giving and receiving gifts. Of all the occasions, baby shower is one and it is normally a follow-up of a bridal shower.

The need for Gifting the Host

In order to show their love and affection towards you, your friends and relatives might organize and throw a baby shower for you so as to see both you and your little bundle of joy in a pleasant mood. When such baby showers are thrown in your favor, it is customary as well as binding on you to express your gratitude and reciprocate their love in a fitting manner. Many people who have had baby showers thrown in their favor buy special gifts and give them to the hostess who has organized the shower and all the people who have contributed their might for making the occasion a success and a special one.

Sweet and Fragrant Favor Ideas

As a token of appreciation and to show your love back to the hostess of the baby shower, you can reciprocate with some favors. For instance, there are many special and customized candy bars and exotic chocolates that can be bought and gifted to the hostess and all the people who got involved in the baby shower thrown for you. There are also other ideas such as body lotions and fragrances bottled in exotic shapes which when gifted to your friends will evoke very good response and they will remember the occasion for years to come.

There are also few novel gifts such as cigar shaped bubble gum, miniature picture frames, miniature car models, etc., that can be presented to the organizers and you can also make them still more special by tying some tags with pictures of cute babies so as to mark the occasion.

Write down your Love

Normally friends are not for receiving gifts from their other friends and they also never do things in anticipation of certain favor. However, reciprocating love is a tradition and you should be in a position to at least thank people who took pains in organizing a baby shower for you. You can simply make few “thank you” notes and mail them as soon as the baby shower ends so that when your friend steps back in her home, she will be able to see your thank you note.

Further, the baby shower favors need not be the only method to show your gratitude and there are many other wonderful things such as personally written cards or notes that can evoke a sense of fulfillment in others. If you can sit and take time to think you can come out with wonderful ideas and words to express your gratitude and sure your hostess will like your reciprocation and will be willing to shower you with more of her love.

Do not rely on few ready made baby shower favors and to make your thanks giving a special one, be creative and make your gifts unique and speak for you. Baby showers are meant for having fun and to share love and hence arrange for few fun filled games and note to hand over some kind of gifts to everyone. Take care to entertain your guests and see that they wholeheartedly participate in the function so as make the baby shower experiences linger in each and everyone’s mind for long.

In order to make your gifts and other things impressive, try to know your friends’ tastes and preference and as far as possible try to add some humorous touch to all things you decide to do.



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