Know these 6 Important Factors that can Influence your Baby Sling Purchase

It is a common sight to see people carrying their babies in slings that are attached to their shoulders or chest or waists. Carrying your baby in a sling is easy and convenient both to the parent and the baby and you can feel free without any botheration of holding your baby in one hand.

When it comes to the baby slings, there are many varieties and models with various price ranges from which you can choose one for you, but while selecting the sling you can consider few of the following tips so as make your baby sling purchase a useful one.

Need for a Baby Sling

Though it is easy that you can simply visit a shop and buy a baby sling, at the first instance, you should evaluate the need for one. For example, ascertain for how much time you will be going out with your baby and if so for how much time you can afford to carry your baby in your hands. The need for a baby sling will arise only when you frequently travel and go out with your baby and be outdoors for long time.

If this being your case, then you can go for some good baby sling such as the Baby Bjorn and you can sure of deriving more benefits in the form of comfort to you as well as your baby. In any case you travel less, but still would like to buy a baby sling, then go for a less expensive baby sling and you can use it occasionally.

Baby related factors

First ascertain the suitability of your baby to be carried in a baby sling. For instance, if your baby is big or have a bigger torso then you may not feel comfortable to carry your baby in a sling. Further preemie babies, antsy or colicky babies are not advised to be carried in a baby sling. Before you could settle for a baby sling ascertain that the sling can accommodate your baby and also ascertain from the salesperson the details of safety requirements.

Your Physical condition and capabilities

Though you may be interested and have inclination to carry your baby in a sling at your back, first ensure that you are physically fit and be able to do that. If you have had chronic back problems or if you have had a C-section recently, then you have to consult your doctor to assess your capacity to carry your baby in a sling. Though your baby’s weight is small, it is enough to aggravate the problem in you if you carry your baby in a sling on your back or shoulders.

Further, the comfort experienced by the baby will differ if different people with different physical stature use the same sling. For example if your husband is tall and fat, then your baby may not be willing to get carried by your husband, as the baby will get a crushing feeling on your husband’s back.

Your Taste and Style preference

There are many varieties and styles that you can find in baby slings, and there are also various models that can be used as a backpack or on your front or even on your shoulders or around your hips. Before buying it is always advisable to try out the baby sling with your baby in position so as to get the real feeling. You can also shop online for such baby slings, but note to place orders only after giving it a try elsewhere.

Useful Features

Ensure that the baby sling you buy is safe and secure for your baby and you can also find few add-on safety and convenient features such as additional cushion or frills, making provision for water bottles, cell phones, etc. You can also find baby slings coming with whistles and bells but evaluate your requirement and its utility before buying them.

Branded Baby Sling or not

Like any other commodities, baby slings also come in branded and unbranded varieties. Branded baby slings such as Baby Bjorn and Graco are well known for its durability and there are people who go just only for branded items.

However, you need not follow the crowd as branded baby slings also have its own strengths and weaknesses. A safe bet will be to ask your friends and relatives and their wise advice based on their own and real experience will help you to choose your baby sling, be it a branded one or an unbranded one.



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