Know what is a Baby Monitor and why you may need one

Baby Monitor and its Principle: Baby monitors are generally communication devices similar to walkie-talkie device, but enabled for one way communication only. Normally the transmitter end or the baby side end will pick up signals or voices of the baby and transmit the same to the other end that is normally held by one of the parents.

Parents or the caretaker will find the baby monitor device very useful when they are not near the baby and not in the audible range to hear the baby’s sounds. Normally the sound of the crying child is higher on the decibel range, but still you may need a device like a baby monitor for effective monitoring your baby’s other sounds.

Monitors and its Types

Recent days baby monitors are of three types namely, bi-directional radio type, the video camera type, and the motion sensor type. In radio type, you can also see few light indicators that can help you to catch your attention in case of need such as during baby’s cries or other sounds. Such radio frequency devices are in use for more than a decade and many parents have found them to be very useful for monitoring their babies.

The other video camera type baby monitors will actually assist the parents and the caretakers to physically see their babies through a closed circuit camera and this can be put to use in large sized homes where the parents or the caretakers need to move about frequently. These video camera type baby monitors are also capable of transmitting sounds with facilities for individual specific adjustments and hence they are very useful for ensuring the baby’s safety and security.

Next comes the third type of motion sensor baby monitors and this type of monitors are also known as baby alarms. These motion sensor baby monitors are very useful in preventing the complicated Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in children and the parent or the caretaker can get alerted if there is no physical movement with the baby for a reasonable period of time. These devices are made or calibrated to sense even the slightest movement such as breathing and hence can be very useful for parents who have given birth to high-risk babies such as preemies.

Though there are baby monitors, there is no necessity that every parent in every home should have baby monitors in their home. For example, if you can hear your baby’s crying sound from a distance and if you are not leaving your baby for quite a long time, or if you have other trustworthy people in your home for taking care of your baby in your absence, then these baby monitors are not for you.

A good knowledge about the baby such as at what time and how much time the baby will sleep, when to feed, when to change the dress, etc., can certainly help you in your baby tending job and you can also take the assistance or get to know the details from your mother or grandparents.

As said earlier baby monitors are not necessary, however if you decide to buy one and use it for your baby’s monitoring then your choice or the decision is not a bad one at all. Baby monitors are really wonderful devices with which you can have peace of mind and you can monitor your baby safely without compromising many of your other activities or household chores.

Whenever you go for purchasing the baby monitors, it is better you get to know some basic details such as power source, cost, range, etc., so that you can buy the best one that will suit to your requirement precisely.



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