Losing your Energy in Handling your Cry Baby? Understand how to tackle it

Many a times you would have noticed infants adamantly crying for getting things done in their favor and when it comes to you, time is not far for you to face the same difficult task of pacifying your own cry baby. There are some cute and good-natured babies that are never whiny but used to smile at everything, including adversities, however, if you can learn few tactics as how to tackle a cry baby, you can put your knowledge to use favorably.

Try to control your Cry Baby with some Reactions initially

Almost all babies cry when they are in need of some thing and their cry is the only way of communication with their parents. At the first instance when you see your baby crying, try to ascertain the possible reason and take corrective measures so as to pacify the baby and help in stopping the cry.

Many parents in their anxiety to stop their baby from crying lift the baby and try to pacify without even knowing the proper reason for the cry. Eventually, the baby also finds it convenient and in the place of communication it uses its crying as a weapon to get things done in its favor. The moment you see or hear your baby crying, never try to run towards it and pacify, but instead talk to your baby, even though it may not understand your words, and try to create an impression that you are trying to understand the difficulties and the reason for the crying.

As years roll by, your baby will also grow with a strong conviction that it can achieve any thing by constant whining and many parents know, of course to their dislike, that their babies are highly manipulative to get things done in their favor. It is a sort of blackmailing and these babies never get to stop their crying until they achieve the things. Further, they also make it convenient to use their cry as their weapon whenever they want something that may not normally available to them.

Babies and bad Tempers

Over a period of time and whenever you accede to your baby’s cries, your baby will develop expertise in showing tantrums and it will become a menace and spoil your child’s the very behaviour and future. Make a conviction to ignore your cry baby and once you stop yielding, you can watch your baby changing its behaviour and become more amenable. You can also try out few light punishments whenever your baby start whining for things and this will also help correcting your baby favorably. Make your baby to understand that their cries and whining will not yield results and once they understand that, their crying will automatically stop, much to your relief.

Whenever your baby starts to exhibit unnatural behaviour, try to avoid or ignore your baby and never pay any attention. Your child even may go to extremes, but choose to be ignorant and never see your baby face to face. Once your baby understands that his/her tantrums will not yield results, he/she may stop crying and may even come down for compromise.

However, in your “ignoring” treatment ensure that your baby is not injuring himself/herself. You can also try some minor punishments such as stopping your child from playing games or seeing TV, etc., and this can sometimes make them to stop crying for things to get done.

However, there are some clever children who are very adept at devising new strategies for getting their things done and you may have to get into some “discovery” mode to tackle such situations too.Baby whining is a minor problem, and if you have patience and right attitude, then you can change your baby’s behaviour for good permanently.



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