Know Why Parents Refuse to throw their Baby’s First Shoes

You have got a baby and the baby has now grown into an adult, but still you will be holding your baby’s first shoes in the closet. The first baby shoes that you have bought for your baby years before, be it expensive or a cheap product picked from a sale, will still find a place in your heart and you may never be willing to discard that piece.

Though you might have thrown away many of the subsequent pairs of your baby shoes, you will refuse to part with your baby’s first ever shoes, as the same finds a very special place in your heart.

Almost all parents accord special importance to the first shoes of their baby and they also develop a symbolic attachment towards it. You may not find many other baby’s first articles such as bip, clothes, etc., gaining this much importance and attachment, but the first ever baby’s shoes has gained the coveted position for preservation in almost all the places without any exception.

Very soon your baby will outgrow her/his first baby shoes and in the event of your not willing to lose that, you can explore various options to use it in a wise manner.

Make it as a Bronze

Many parents have made it as a habit to make their baby’s first ever shoes into a bronzed one and use it as a decorative piece in their homes. There are many companies that offer to undertake the job of making your baby’s first shoes into a commemorative piece for a nominal price and you can take their help to get the job done as per your taste.

Put it in a Shadow Box

If you are not interested to spend money on the first pair of your baby’s shoes, then you can explore the possibility of using the shadow box. Just buy a simple and less expensive shadow box from any one of the local stores and you can put the baby’s shoes in it. You can also place few other articles such as baby’s bracelets, your baby’s favorite teddy bear, etc., to make the appearance more attractive. If you would like to change the contents very often to break the monotony, then you can use Velcro straps for keeping the sides of the box in place so that you can remove the contents from inside easily and replace it with new one.

How about your Baby’s Shoes as a Time Capsule?

Many parents have devised a novel idea of making a time capsule that can be given to their grown up baby on some special occasions such as wedding day, or when they become parents of their own baby. Here, your baby’s first shoes can be a nice choice to be kept inside the time capsule and you can also additionally add the newspaper of the day on which your baby was born, few other infant memories like beverage wrapper, a Coke can or Hershey’s bar and it is sure that your grown up baby will get thrilled to receive the time capsule.

Securing Your Baby’s Feet Impression

When there are parents who take utmost care to preserve their baby’s first shoes, there are also parents who do not bother to look at their baby’s first ever shoes at all. Instead they prefer to take impressions of their baby’s small cute feet on few dress materials such as T-shirts and preserve the memory. They also capture the foot print on ceramics or some quality paper so that the impression will not get faded away with time. It is also a practice in many hospitals to take foot prints of the newborn babies and add it to their hospital records.

Some parents, besides taking their baby’s foot prints, prefer to take their baby’s hand prints too and add up to their traditional family collections.Your baby’s first pair of shoes is certainly a treasure, but at the same time be a prudent parent and see that you give all your possible love and help to your child so as to make him/her a responsible citizen in the society.



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