How to Evaluate the Genuineness of Your Baby Beanie

The beanie name stuck to the baby toy just because of the bean like feeling when touched and it is one of the most sought after baby toys, especially during Christmas season.Baby beanies are very cute and funny and make the best choice for gifting to children, irrespective of the occasion. Children of all ages, without any exception, like baby beanies due to the toy’s funny, cuddly and cute features and it is for sure that each and every baby beanie will bring a warm smile on every one’s face without any doubt.

How to Avoid the Inevitable Fake Baby Beanies

It is no surprise for fakes and counterfeit products appearing in markets to duplicate the fast and high selling genuine products and for long this is a practice by unscrupulous elements to make some unauthorized gains by duplicating the original product. Hence, in the above context, it is better you equip yourself to differentiate between the genuine baby beanie and the poor quality fake baby beanie. Few useful tips are given below to make your perfect original baby beanie search fruitful.

• Ascertain the attached tag first, and in most cases the tag will reveal the genuineness of your baby beanie. Original tags will not have any spelling mistakes and the print will also be very perfect without any smudges. The original baby beanie product tag will also carry the company name, date of manufacturing, address of the company, and other relevant details and these particular features make the product stand apart form the duplicates.

• All original baby beanies will carry the same type of typeface on the tag and in case the typeface is different then what you hold in your hand may be a fake baby beanie.

• Majority of the times, only off-white color is used for the hangtags. However, it will be difficult for you to identify the color in solitary view, and hence it is recommended you carry along an original baby beanie so as to make the comparison easy and effective and to ensure that what you have bought is in fact an original baby beanie.

• The tag that comes along with the baby beanie will always depict stars over it and it should portrait sunshine yellow in color. Most of the fake baby beanies sport mustard color on its tags and you can note to avoid such mustard color tagged baby beanies.

• A yet another unique feature of the tag that is seen on an original baby beanie is that the tag will not have any sharp ends or edges and it is normally blunted or rounded at the edges and ends. Persons who bring out fake baby beanies are not able to duplicate this particular feature due to the extreme craftsmanship required in making this feature.

• Original baby beanies will have nice and marked expressions on the face besides proper positioning of eyes, proper facial features, etc. Impeccable symmetry is one of the inseparable features of original baby beanies and all the original baby beanies will look similar, where as this particular feature will be distinctly absent in fake baby beanies.

• Original baby beanies will be similar across all the stores and you can pick your genuine baby beanie by closely studying this feature.



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