Suggestions on preparation of Baby Shower

The first that thing that comes to our mind are the 4 magic words, “We’re having a baby”. Organizing a party with the expectant parents’ closest friends and family members is the perfect way of expressing “Congratulations,” or “We’re happy for you,” or “Best wishes.”

The baby shower is normally conducted by either a close friend or family member at any point of time during the last stages of pregnancy.

The event is directed to build up the excitement and welcome the future baby to the family. Just like any other party, a baby shower requires careful planning to ensure that it will go as smoothly as possible, and be memorable for everyone.

Despite the fact that there are no hardcore rules, the following suggestions will ensure the smooth conduct of the event:

Place of the event:

Generally, the baby shower events are conducted at the would-be parents, considering the health of the mother. It is proposed to include only the close friend and family members and calls for a small event. Guests also tend to be more comfortable if the party’s setting is at home.

If the expectant parents love the outdoors, a barbecue party at their garden, or a local park may also be an option. Naturally, the weather must be considered – baby shower does not literally mean soaking the guests in the rain..

To avoid problems, the place can be conducted either in a restaurant or bar. Even though, it is expensive, it is really worth it with all the food, drinks and the ambience factors taken into consideratin.

Selecting the theme of the event:

An event theme can be decided for a simple decoration. Another option is to decorate the party site by re-creating the place where they had their honeymoon, such as a cruise ship, or Paris-inspired café.

The ambience of the party can be in a childish manner to celebrate the event. Select cartoon characters, bright colors and other designs depending on the whether the baby is male or female.

Final preparations of the menu:

The menu of the event will rest on the period of the event. Normally, the menu includes food, pastries and other baked goods for convenience, which will be served by the host. However, if the event will be held during lunch or dinner time, heavier meals will naturally be served. Alcoholic drinks may also be prepared, depending on the guests’ preference.

Creating an exciting event:

Contrary to what most people believe, a baby shower is not only limited to mingling around, gift giving, eating and drinking.. Games like charades or one that brings back nostalgic memories can be held. The ultimate goal is to make everyone excited about the event.

Registry creation and Cards giving:

Make a list of the close friends and relations of the parents. Inform them before-hand and then send out the cards so as to avoid silly mistakes. Keep in mind that the invitees list depends on the parents and therefore, their choice ultimately prevails.

Ready-made baby shower invitations are readily available in gift shops and craft stores. However, homemade invitations may also be used to provide the host’s personal touch. Send out invitations out two to four weeks before the party to give time for the guests to fix their schedule.

The cards follow the similar pattern of any other invitation cards. RSVP, which stands for Regrets only note, must be given in the card. Do not fail to include the date, period and location of the event. The attire preferred, presents registry and the host’s telephone number, if any, can be included in it.



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