Working on a Literary Baby Theme

Irrespective of the various kind of childhood experience we had, we would have definitely found ourselves curled up reading that very first book that made such a positive impression on our ever growing imaginations.

It could have been a Dr. Seuss book, or perhaps something a bit later, such as your first Nancy Drew Mystery book. In addition to the regular gifts, literary theme expects the guests to brig a special book that made a difference in their respective childhood.

The guests are supposed to bring those books, which occupy a special place in their hearts and inspired them.Though all these books cannot be read by the baby immediately, they will add to the stock of the library and help in shaping the baby’s future once the baby start reading them in his/her later years.

Each and every book that has been gifted by the guest will certainly influence the baby’s character, as all these books were known for making an impact in the guests’ mind earlier.One of the additional values for having a literary theme is that it is a fantastic icebreaker.

It gives everyone a chance to share and explain why the book was so special to him/her. Chances are more that there will be a lot of nodding, and smiling, and maybe even a few tears, too (the good kind, of course!).

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