Tips on Catering

Nowadays, people attach more importance to what they eat and what they should not! In the earlier days, it was somewhat safe to make catering decisions based on religious or cultural understanding.

To cite certain examples, many Catholics do not eat red meat on Fridays. As such, if your guest list have more of Catholics, then you can exclude red meat and add other delicious alternatives such as seafood. You may also note not to serve pork dishes for your Jewish guests.

Nowadays, these religious or spiritual belief do not bind many people as people have started to decide on their eating habits based on their lifestyle and health aspects. Many people shun food that may contain trans-fats.

Many people avoid food items that are very high in carbohydrate content or protein content. Further, it has become difficult to ascertain which food is good or bad as scientific findings keep changing. You may be surprised to know that there are many strict vegetarians in western countries and the number is slowly increasing due to the harmful effects of red meat.

Though fish is considered as a non-vegetarian food, many so called vegetarians, consume fish in their daily meal. Certain people consider milk as vegetarian and at the same time shun cheese and honey as non-vegetarian items. For greater knowledge or for just having fun, you can have a glimpse of the in-flight menu that has been furnished in the respective airlines web page.

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