The idea of ‘personal space’ while eating

There may be exceptions and certain people may not be interested in partaking their food outside or in an open place. Further, you should not wholly depend on the weather forecast for the day or week, and be prepared to meet any eventualities because weather forecasts are known for its evasiveness – a predicted sunny day will eventually turn out to be a day of thunder storm.

Nowadays, the concept of ‘personal space’ is in vogue. In many of the western countries such as America, Canada and some parts of Western Europe, personal space are generally more than those in other countries.

You can visibly see this habitual behaviour of the people when you visit the subway in, say, New York. People in New York, allow around 2 feet of personal space between two – though the same is not possible during rush hour, people always try to have a personal space of 2 feet. However, the same personal space could not be maintained in Tokyo due to the congestion of space there.

A general rule is that majority of the people will be very comfortable with 2 feet of personal space in any get-together situation.Expectation of personal space differs from people to people and from country to country.

In Tokyo, the personal space expectations are around 1 foot - regardless of density of the subway car. People in Japan are simply more comfortable with a 1-foot personal space to move about, where as the same is 2+ foot in US.

The main idea of mentioning the personal space here is to drive the point home that people will start feeling uncomfortable the moment they feel that the personal space is not up to their expectations.

So even if you have enough space to accommodate 15 people, weigh the options and situation repeatedly so as to eliminate any undesirable patch. It is such type of small things and details that will make a huge difference when the actual baby shower is conducted.

So if you find the space as constraint, then take immediate steps to find alternate, enough or sufficient space. Even after your strenuous search, if the space is going to be a constraint, then you should be in a position to serve the starter food items such as soups on a firm eating area (firm chair and firm table).

In the unlikely event of your failure in searching enough space for eating, you can choose food items like dry sandwiches that people can easily eat as they stand, or sit on a stairwell. Obviously, the ideal situation is seeing everyone seated. In the event of insufficient space, you can tactfully camouflage the situation by serving eatables as indicated above that may not necessitate sitting.

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