Include books in baby gift basket

Nature trains the infant of any species through play to get it ready for the real world. In human society creative solutions and research on past solutions play a large and vital part.

Learning to read is sine quonon to any one in the world and the delight of turning over the pages of the book can be present at any age. While giving a baby toys gift basket to a prospective mother, ensure a selection of board books made of thick card board intended for baby’s hands.

They won’t read yet

Though the babies cannot read the board books yet they can have fun playing with them. These books have bright colors and different textures for the babies to feel. Since they see the books all the time, they grow familiar with them, equate them to fun, and may not ignore the school books when they grow older.

Fun for parents and baby

Board books, unlike other gifts in the basket, are great fun both for the parents and the baby. This is one great way of teaching the baby that opening books can be fun. If you see the baby opening the book, shout to it excitedly if it wants to hear a story. You don’t expect any answer and the baby will not respond. The point is that you are transmitting a sense of fun with the book.

By reading to your baby for a few minutes a day you leave long standing impressions on the soft and absorbing mind of the baby. The few minutes become quality minutes. To take the baby on your lap and reading out to it is not an ordinary thing but a revitalizing joy. They will then approach the books with a new eye. This will immerse you in a new world of wonder and astonishment, not just in books.

Where to get them?

Baby toys gift baskets are sold in book stores and baby shops. A basket is also available at a craft store (or around Easter from any shop in America). You may put a variety of rattles, pacifiers, soft animal toys and board books also

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