Doing a baby gift basket yourself

It is certain that you would like to give a present to the baby newly born in your friend or family member’s house. The gift basket will be expensive without any doubt. With a little effort you can make the gift basket that is unrivalled and more personal with a number of options.

Getting started

First and foremost think of a theme-something special and common for you and the family. A baby reading basket will be perfect if you are in a book club together. If you and your family regularly eat out a meal time fun basket is welcome. For first time parents a basket of essentials will make the much needed gift.

Purchasing items

After choosing the theme you plunge in to the making of a baby gift basket by purchasing the items required for it. Some ideas for themes and items for doing the gift basket yourself are:

Baby Essentials: Diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion, formula baby shampoo and bibs.

Bath time basket: Baby shampoo, baby soap, wash cloths, bath toys, hooded towel.

Goodnight basket: CD with lullabies, soft blanket, and bed time stuffed animal.

Meal time Fun: Bottles, baby vessels, baby bowls, bibs, placemats and baby foods.

Baby Reading Basket: Select baby books with a stuffed animal to read with.

Clothing Basket:
a basket full of baby cloths and accessories.

There is no limit for themes and items to be placed in the basket. You have to buy a basket or a vessel to put all the items. A pretty laundry basket or a baby bath tub will be the ideal container for the new parents to use after the contents are utilized.

Assembling the baby gift basket

The final part is to assemble your own baby gift basket. Mostly it is the packaging that renders the cost of the baby gift basket very expensive. A nice arrangement of items and cellophane wrapping makes the difference between basket of stuff and a gift that amazes and stuns your friends to say ooh and ash!

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