Baby shower gift wrap

The birth of a new baby is an occasion for wonderful and unparalleled excitement. So attendance at any baby shower is very special and enjoyable. The baby gift that you want to give, therefore, demands some thought and consideration as the gift is every thing.

The baby shower gift wrap, can be used, after you learn how to wrap, on any present. This will end in disaster if you go ahead with out proper knowledge or experience.

Getting started

First and foremost buy the baby shower gift wrap, and choose from a variety colors available. Select blue or pink according to the baby being a boy or a girl.

Then remove all the price tags and stickers and lace the gift in a box. Though many people miss on this aspect it is an important thing. If the gift is put in the box it will be difficult to know what it is exactly after it is wrapped. Another reason is that the box provides a protective shield and saves the gift from any damage.

Put the baby shower gift on a flat surface after unrolling. Measure out the paper needed for wrapping by placing the gift on the paper. Mark the area needed and cut the paper off leaving at least a few inches extra to be sure that the paper is quite enough for wrapping and does not fall short.

Place the gift upside down on the paper to have the folds of the gift wrap at the bottom of the present and invisible after complete wrapping. Take on side on the horizontal side of the paper and fold it over the bottom of the gift. Then take the other side and fold it over. After you fold the bottom you can finish it on the sides with the baby shower gift wraps and finish the task.

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