An unusual baby gift

If the parents have all the basic needs for their new born bundle of joy then you can think of an unusual gift. It will be remembered for a very long time unlike a box full of bibs which might be appreciated at present. Unusual gifts are those that take in to consideration the thought of the baby growing up later in future.

A domain name

One of the most unusual and popular baby gift in recent years, is buying the baby its own domain name on the internet. The domain name as you know is Any way you should be sure that the baby’s name is not being used already. You can go to many places on line to buy and register domain names. They are unusual for business but they will happily sell to private people. When the baby grows old, he or she will have his own web space ready to exhibit his talents.
A star

You are not buying a star actually but derive the right to have the star named after the baby. It has nothing to do with the official naming, with the International Astronomical union. Hence the gift is a novelty. You get a fine certificate for $ 50 US. You also get a good laugh and some thing to boost the baby’s confidence. People may say is lying to a child but it is as good as the stories of Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. The unusual baby gift will be remembered through out the baby’s life.

US Savings Bonds

Generations’ back US saving bands were usual baby gifts but to day they have become unusual as they mature after a long period. Parents do not appreciate or accept them as they did once. Two types of Savings Bonds-US Savings Bonds-1 (paper) and EE Electronic savings bonds mature in between 20 to 30 years. The baby will be in dire need of finances in his twenties or thirties. So you can purchase these unusual baby gifts either from your bank or stock broker or directly from the US Treasury department at www.treasury

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