A Tea Party Theme for Baby Shower

Can you recall the tea party game that you played when you were a child? You sat together with your best friends and with your stuffed pets (for you they were living animals), and enjoyed the pleasant and heartwarming chat over a cup of tea.

In those days you might not have been allowed to have real hot tea or even real hot water in your kettle. You would have had your tea party with imaginary tea to avoid any accidents.

Now that, you have grown up and mature enough to play the baby shower which is nothing but the old tea party game in disguise.To have an entertaining tea party theme in baby shower, you have to simply recreate your childhood memory of tea party.

Bring in all your stuffed animals (who are still living, of course), and have them sit in chairs around the area where the baby shower is being held (probably the living room or perhaps a finished basement).This theme is sure to bring lots of wide grin on the faces of the guests and may bring back a lot of pleasant memories for all of your guests.

Many of you would have played tea party game during your childhood and will feel very happy to see the theme getting recreated before your eyes. You can even request your guests to bring in one or two stuffed pets – and the possibility will be high for them to leave those stuffed pets behind – a bonus gift to the baby.

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