Top 10 least expensive baby shower presents

Presents at $10 and lower.

The following are the top ten inexpensive baby shower gifts if you are running low on cash:


Shopping baby board books online helps to save you money.

Baby Dress

Mom will always have an open mind when it comes to dress for newborn babies.

Engraved Charms

Ornaments is something guests love to wear in on the new born babies.

List of fun-filled items

In dollar stores a day-to day life for a baby needs are available.

Painted vessels

Gifts can also be like any desktop storage for babies growing up.

Hand and Footprint belongings

Materials to imprint baby’s hands or feet onto framed are available for lesser prize.

Framed cross stich

Cross-stitch materials and sewing baby’s name will be a personal touch. And also can be framed for a longer time.

Tree-plantation exercise

Always a promoting tree planting is a good gift for a future growth of the baby.

Internet website for babies

Website will be very useful for the newborn babies even when they grow by age.An e-niche for the newborn baby will help the baby in future.

Pleasing the mother

Baby shower gifts are not only for baby’s, its new born life for the mother as well. A good gift for the mother is also a good idea.



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