Now a days these parties are celebrated for every baby in the family where it was a practise only for the first babywith aims to welcome the new member in the family.

The friends and relatives approve for the baby shower party and help the parents to buy all the needs and get ready for the baby.But it was considered as a bad luck to do all this before the baby comes to the world.

Baby showers have developed into different names :

• “ Father’s Bathe” Only for the fathers.

• “Granny’s Bathe”-Grand parents keep this at their residence brought by the guests such as collapsible cribs and changing pads.

• “Diaper bathe” or “baby spray”is a small party for the subsequent children and for perfect parents who avoid gifts.

The baby shower has a theme to which the whole party centers on and normally includes games,presents and food and also a cake.Baby showers and parties do not end without a cake.

With various methods cakes about baby showers can be made:

All combined – Slowly adding the liquid ingredients with the dry ingredients in a food processor.

Emulsion method – Before adding slowly the ingredients butter and sugar is added together to creaming.

Chafing method – Butter is chafed into dry ingredients before liquid ones are added.

Melt and mix- the cake is completed by mixing the dry ingredients and then adding the melted butter and then the liquid ingredients.

Soft making – The eggs and sugar are beaten into a head with the flour cautiously and a light sponge is required with great skill without any cause or fat is lifted up.

The cakes when completed is improved with frosting and garnishing like sprinkles.

Some baby shower cake brands are given.:

1. Angelfood cake

2. Sweet Butter

3. Butterfly cake

4. Carrot cake

5. Cheese Sweet cake

6. Chocolate cake

7. Chiffon cake

8. Cupcake

9.Devil’s food cake

10. Fruit cake

11. Gingerbread

12. Cold Icecream cake

13. Soft Mooncake

14. Pineapple upside down cake

15.Pound cake

16 . Spice cake

17.Sponge cake

There are some more baby bathe cake ideas apart from cake varieties to make the celebration more particular:

1.Tummy cake – this design can be done by inserting a circular cake in front of a rectangular cake and frost them to look like a pregnant belly.

2. Toy block cake - These cakes can be designed like kids blocks either small or large which can be surrounded better with some candies and small cars.

The ideas of ypurs can be creative of your own but the ambition should not only be for a delicious dessert but for showpiece which should stand in the parents memories.

Infant bathe cakes – sweets for the baby bathe party

Baby shower cakes are particularly adorned and end up with joy.Baby shower cakes should be lovely to look and good to eat and should be planned to match the theme.

Baby shower cakes should contain the suggestion of the flavor of the mom –to-be made from icing for the pleasure of thechief priest and other guests and attractive as there is no end to the originality and plan of these Adorable cakes because cakes make an ideal show piece at the food table.

The difference between the “diaper cakes”and “baby cakes” are the latter can be home made or bought from store while the former are basket cakes that consist of different baby items.

The cakes adorned with baby diapers and mixed baby items are “diaper cakes” and also may be made of real diapers that are agreed like a covered cake.The diaper cake decorations are covered in cellophane and tied with loveable ribbons for an ended and a variety of baby items for the new born.Delicious baby cakes make for attractive chat during the party.



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