Make your Baby Shower a Memorable one with some Exotic Cake Varieties

No doubt that your baby shower experience is a life time experience, but you can even make it still more memorable and unique by introducing few strange things.For example, you can think of displaying a unique variety of cake in your baby shower so that everybody can get to see it and get a taste of it and it is for sure that whenever they hear the word baby shower they will immediately start talking about your baby shower and the cake you gave them.

Decorate your Baby Shower Cake with a picture of the Baby

In order to make your baby shower a memorable one try to break few traditions. For instance, instead of choosing the very common route, you can choose one of the novel methods so that the expectant mother will get carried into her childhood past. You can get your baby shower cake decorated with one of the expectant mother’s child photos with few adorable or lovely wordings and it is for sure that the entire gathering will be surprised at your uniqueness.

Try out a new shape for your Baby Shower Cake

Of all the babies’ items, the first ever baby shoes are the one that will linger in the minds of all people who have had their babies. Hence you can harp on this idea of making your baby shower cake in the form of baby boots and you can also add various colored frosting depending upon the gender of the baby. For instance, you can use pink colored frosting if your baby is a girl or if it happens to be a baby boy them you can use blue frosting. And in the event of your arranging the baby shower before the actual delivery of child and if you do not know the gender, then you can settle for some general colors such as white or tan.

How about the “Bun in the Oven” Idea?

You may be aware that the women’s pregnancy is jovially referred to as “a bun in the oven,” and hence you can capitalize on this lighthearted reference for making your baby shower more interesting. You can make your baby shower cake to look like a bun in an oven and you can also probably add few words to hint at the adage.

A Mobile Carriage Baby Shower Cake

A baby carriage is one of the baby’s most favorite play toys and hence you can make use of this baby’s favorite item in your baby shower. In fact you can use one of the real baby carriages for the purpose and after cleaning it you can place the cake on it. You can even make one of the kids to drag it and distribute the cakes so as make the atmosphere more interesting.

Assistive Tips

What you have seen above are only few ideas about the cake in a baby shower. There are many numbers of such novel ideas and it could be made unlimited with your imaginations and a little bit out of box thinking. You can also visit one of the local bakeries and ascertain the details about the various shapes and sizes of the cakes they bake. Baby shower is a lifetime experience and it is up to you to make it special and a memorable one for all.



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