Are You Living in America and Expecting A Baby? Then You Need to Know this

Whether or not you live in America or planning to migrate to America, a good knowledge about the rights of a new American born baby can certainly be useful to you and your baby. A good knowledge about the prevailing rules and issues can help your child to grow into a right and responsible citizen, much to your contented living.

Hassle-free Citizenship

The moment you deliver your child on the American soil, your child automatically becomes a US citizen, but with few restrictions. The small inconvenience is that your child may not be entitled for the most coveted automatic blue passport. However, once your child turns 18 years, he/she may gain the right of sponsoring you, but you should not take the route of delivering your baby in America for the specific purpose of getting the coveted citizenship.

Decide the Name in advance

Unlike in other countries, in America you need to decide on your baby’s name well in advance so as to complete the formalities on the date of birth itself. A well-planned schedule can help you to complete the formalities of registration on the prescribed birth date itself and you can start enjoying the long awaited undisturbed intimacy with your child.

Get the Birth Certificate

Though the rules vary with various countries, the prevalent rule in America is that the hospital wherein you deliver your baby is responsible for registering the birth with the local County Clerk and you will be automatically provided with your baby’s birth certificate through mail. Further, you can also obtain more copies of birth certificate by paying the nominal prescribed fees. Many parents find this type of registration procedure done by the hospital a boon, as there is no necessity for the parents to undergo the arduous birth registration procedure.

Importance of Social Security Number

Once you deliver your baby in the hospital, you also need to complete certain formalities for obtaining the important social security number for your child. Once you fill up the required forms, the hospital will complete the procedure for applying for the social security number. In case you do not have a social security number, then there may be a slight change in the procedure and you can seek the help of the hospital authorities for guidance or alternatively get the required information from the web site.

Secure Insurance

Irrespective of whether you have delivered your child in a county hospital as an emergency procedure and/or not having a medical insurance for self, you may still consider the option of enrolling your child in a state vaccination program so as provide your child the important vaccination shots, which will otherwise prove to be very costly affair for you.

If you are on a work visa in US, then you can save much time on your paper work and it is also very easy for the permanent residents too. Once you deliver your baby, you should make it a point to get your child covered under the health insurance within the first 24 hours of birth and in case of need you can also take the help of a pediatrician to sort out any complications. It is better to complete all the formalities well within the time so as to make you free from all worries and to have a valuable time with your beautiful baby.



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