Essentials Checklist for Baby Shower Supplies

Just to ensure that all the supplies that you need to plan yours or your friend’s baby showers please use the checklist below.

To help you plan yours or a friend’s baby shower, use this checklist to ensure you have all the supplies you need for a wonderful baby shower.

Invitation cards

As the invitation is the key element for baby shower, which also acts as a guide to the guests should carry theme to let the guest know what you expect, helping them in buying baby shower gifts. To plan the right no: of guest RSVP should also be attached.

As the Internet acts as the most easily accessible mode of to get the best invitation which suits your budget and one also gets choice from variety of invitation. With help of the home printers one can create their own theme baby shower invitation.

Thank you cards are equally important as invitation cards. A thank you card should be related to the theme of the party. Giving out thank you would not leave a lasting memory in the minds of guest for the fun they had, but also is a proper closure for baby shower party.

Games and Activities

After invitation, games and activities are the once which actually keeps a baby shower party going. Games will enliven each activity and entice participation from the guests.

Games should be customized in such a manner that it suits the mood and the taste of the guests and also be related to the chosen theme. Rewarding the one lucky guests who gets a pink colored items first can also be a good game or an activity for a baby shower party.

Make sure that the winners and sometimes even the participants are rewarded with prizes acknowledging their participation makes the special occasion to a memorable one.

Just to avoid the last minute paraphernalia substitutes make sure you have all the required items for the activities added on the checklist, which makes the activity a successful one.

Venue Set-up for the Party

The venue for the party should also go along with the theme chosen for the party. For example if it is a layette party clip colored paper cutouts of baby cloths and clothesline hung all around the room. A red carpet for the guests will be the best for a Hollywood theme.

Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages followed good games and activities keep the party lively and add on to the fun. Just to make sure enough foods and drinks are available to all the guests present. The quantity should also be calculated on the head count and just to make sure that the hungry guests get their fill it always advisable to arrange for 10% more than the head count.

Baby Shower Souvenirs

Apart from the games and the prizes one should also thank the guest for attending and their participation for a baby shower. This baby shower souvenirs is sent all individual guests to thank them for their gift.

Which is apart from the thank you card and also send to guest how may not bought gifts. Which need not be necessarily expensive, but should be related to the theme of the party.

With this checklist one can successfully plan the supplies for a baby shower and is right way of celebrating the coming of the newborn in an organized manner.



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