Thoughts about baby shower

Baby showers are usually done by a set of close friends of the expectant mother in expectation of the newborn infant.

These events mainly are for gift giving which sometimes make the family member of the mother feel embarrassed to be host to the event which can be done a month or two before the arrival of the baby or after the baby is born.

Invitations which are made by the card company should be designed as custom .More customized invitation will present a newborn baby for the future growth and the theme because invitations should represent the birth of the future baby.

The people will get time to buy the right gifts and make plans for the day if the invitations are given a month or to a month and half previous to the event and the party has a theme depending on the gender of the theme.

The theme of the party can be a sailboat if it is a male baby an the place can be filled with all types of boats and the bowl used for cocktail can be used as the showpiece with the name of the baby painted using the inner tube which suits to the occasion.

Cookie is a good theme for a girl baby with a poem based on the girls made from sugar and spices.

It is like a tea party having cookies around as well as cooking recipes and jars with various ingredients like chocolate ,chip and peanuts and the name of the girl can be painted in again cookie.

The baby shower is a good idea to select the name of the baby by decorating the place with letters and alphabets and make agama to help the people think of possible names. Until the baby comes out some parents don't know the gender of the baby and they keep the guests in suspense.

Gender of the baby always allows guests to play with questions. Given a Girl or Boy quiz by determining questions designing the sex of the baby.

To make the occasion memorable there are some ideas and themes and it takes some planning and little imagination to make this baby shower attend out over others that people have gone to and the host can plan with other friends or get a professional help.



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