Different Baby Shower Themes

Always in life you take a party, the babies party will have more fun and also memorable one too, coz, it will have creativeness and different themes in the party. Some top hit themes are mentioned below.

Themes in the form of Color

Normally people associate pink with girls and blue with the boys. These are simple themes that can be just as fun as other themes. Start decorating the place with the chosen color theme. It would be nice to also intertwine ribbons of various colors if you’re hanging colored ribbons.

This would give the place a colorful look. Incase you are not still sure about the sex of the baby, you can go in for neutral colors which are green, yellow, etc.

Theme Themes in the form of Baby bottles

Center stage would be nice with a baby bottle, but little bit of creativeness to play a game.

Themes in the form of Teddy bear

There could be nobody who would not love teddies. Old but presentable ones will do. It wouldn’t also be a bad idea to have the guest of honor’s favorite teddy bear as the center stage.

Themes in the form of Diaper

You can make the occasion even more cute by sending out diaper cut-out invitations. The invitees can bring their own diaper gifts of various sizes. In one way you can save up on diapers, maybe for the next three months.

Themes in the form of Nursery rhyme

This theme is followed in most places. It’s a special idea to make nursery rhymes as a theme for the occasion Use the famous character for nursery rhymes, which will add more fun to the theme. It wouldn’t be a bad idea even if you would want to add on a couple of lines on your invitations

Themes for twins

In an Invitation make sure if it’s a twins mention it, this would also propel the guests to bring gifts of either the same kind of different gifts.

Themes in the form of Fairytales

There are a lot of fairytale characters that can be used throughout the baby shower parties. Cinderella and Snow White are the most common ones for a girl child.

Peter Pan is the most suitable character for boys. This theme would bring about a very colorful atmosphere and would also be very interesting.

Always make sure you mention everything in an invitation. In having a theme you wouldn’t have to be groping in the dark wondering as to how you would want to create a baby shower.



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