How to create a Baby shower invitation (Ideas on wordings)

All things are set and done for a Baby shower, things like Food, Fun, Games and the agenda is set.

But wait a minute we are forgetting something, the most important thing of all for a good baby shower “Where are the guest?” What is required to get the guests for the party? Well the answer is – AN INVITATION


For a good invitation to the party is selection of words, which is most important feature of an invitation, because using the right words for the invitation is imperative as this sets the tone of the party.

The words of the invitation brings out the mood of the party for example – Fun themes like Disney’s island or Mickey mouse requires cartoons and funning words on the invitation


Usage of Poems and famous quotes or words that comes out of your creativity will help in a good invitation. Search engines and websites would help to get the catchiest wordings that you can emulate in your invitations it can be either gender or general specific – “ Just be sure to find out if it is a baby Boy or Girl”

Stage – 3

Apart from selection of right words and usage poems or quotes “Rhymes” is also and part of good invitation. Lyrics that are popular can also substitute rhymes.
Adding Names of the expecting parents would give it a personal touch. To relate to the mood of the party rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle little star, Here we come around the mulberry bush would make your invitation half done.


An invitation acts as a guide to the guests so the date; time and the venue should be clear and specific. Well, the name of the guest of the honor should also be mentioned and just to make sure that the guests reach the right place in right time a simple sketch to the venue can also be added.


It is very important to let the guests know the nature of the party, as it also be a surprise party. Just to avoid for guests sending advance gifts which might also spoil the program.So, it’s not a bad idea to mention the nature of the party in the invitation

Stage –6

One should also not forget to place their phone numbers or the name of the person to be contacted, just incase RSVP or Regrets note is placed in the invitation. So, the contact numbers come handy for the guests to call up to give their response.

Stage –7

As the guests would like their gifts to be appreciated, one also add a registry list which would give a fair add to the guest of what to bring as gifts. This a very practical idea if you don’t to end up having three or four strollers

The most important and the last stage of a good party invitation is the way you present it. The presentation of the invitation should relate the theme of the party, so cute pictures or baby photographers can also be used, as colors are also important.

One can relate usage of blue color for Boys and pink color for girls. A presentable invitation gives a good impression of how special the day would be. Now your invitation is set to be posted.



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