Invitees for the baby shower event

People are invited to the baby shower event depending on the nature of the place. For instance, in case of a office place the colleagues of the mother are invited. In case it is held within the family, the family members are invited.

When considering the invitees, be careful of friends who have just incurred losses or facing problems with their own baby. The fact is that many will feel hurt if not invited. The best thing to do is to talk to them on an individual basis to find out their comfort zones. Prepare a list of prospective invitees so that no one is left out.

Themes for Baby Shower

Themed baby showers are of course a bit more difficult to organized. The more famous themes include,

1) Mother’s shower: Load the mother with presents.

2) Father’s Shower: Presents like coffee, Tylenol and others will be suitable.

3) Safety Shower: All the gifts must not be toxic. In fact, they must be safe to use.

4) Nursery-Theme Showers: The nursery theme will form the basis of baby shower.

Food for the invitees

The food must suit the theme of the baby shower in case the them is selected for the baby shower. The period of the day plays a vital factor in the event. If you are having the shower at about noon or at dinnertime, serve a full meal as this will be what your guests expect to be served.

For early afternoon or early evening baby showers, finger foods, cake, and a light punch will do. As with the choice of food, as much as possible serve those that may also be ingested by the mother-to-be.

Which in all likely hood excludes alcohol. Instead, serve sparkling cider. Before considering many things in the event, correct preparation and groundwork is required.

Have a great baby shower!



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