A Baby Record – The Comprehensive Collection of your Baby’s Accomplishments

Having a baby in your home is a wonderful experience and you just cannot have words to express the satisfaction you derive while tending the baby and making it to a responsible adult. Your baby tending experience is unique and without even recognizing it the time will fly fast and probably you might at a later date wish that you could have made some kind of record about the various events so as to recall them and enjoy the past pleasant activities.

Recording your baby tending activities chronologically can help you recall them for relishing them at a alter date and your child will also derive utmost satisfaction and gratitude to know how you have sacrificed for his/her present position in the society. Creating a baby record is the precise answer to this and for doing this there are many ways.

Never miss to Start from the Very Beginning

The moment you get confirmation that you are in your family way, make arrangements to procure all the necessary materials such as notebooks, folders, pen, etc., to jot down the events as and when they unfold in your life. To begin with you can start recording the positive test result itself, and try to give some relevant caption such as “It all started here...!”

Record all your Pregnancy Months

Capture all the details of all your pregnancy months with details such as location, test results, doctors name, clinic name, and if possible add your photographs with various stages of your pregnancy. If you get yourself subjected to sonogram, then save those pictures in separate folders so that they can serve both for the baby record as well as for reference by the consulting doctor to evaluate the progress.

Recording the Details about the D-day, The Delivery Day

The d-day is the day on which your baby would have seen the outer world with all the juvenile fascinations and you will also be equally thrilled and fascinated to see your baby. The moment you see the tender face sheepishly yawning will drive away all the pains and suffering that you have had all these months.

Never miss to record those wonderful moments and if possible try to add the photos of the doctors and nurses who helped you to deliver your baby in a hale and healthy condition. If the doctors are willing, then you can even get their short notes such as a small advice for the baby on their photograph itself and this can be a very good motivating factor for your baby at a later date.

Importance of recording the details of the first year

In every baby’s life the first year will be with full of events such as first smile, first cry, first step, first word, etc., and you can never afford to miss to record such details in your baby record. The first year’s noting can be concluded with a note on the baby’s next birthday party details. And you can also add a last page to the first year details with your wishes for the baby.

Deciding the Right time to hand over the Baby Record to Your Child

Though there are many occasions on which you can decide to hand over the baby record to your grown up child, the two special occasions are on his/her marriage day and on her/his becoming a parent of his/her own baby.



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