3 Great Ideas to make your own Baby Gift Basket for the Baby Shower

Disguise the Traditional Basket : You may be holding one of the traditional cane or wicker baskets and it will certainly come very handy for your baby gift basket need. Normally such baskets will be plain and you can add some different flavor by painting it with either pink or blue color depending upon the gender of the baby. You can also choose to paint it with some neutral colors such as yellow or green and once you change the color the old and traditional cane basket will get transformed into a new and attractive baby gift basket.

Now for having made ready the baby gift basket, you can choose to fill it with gift items depending upon your interests and budget. The baby gift basket thus prepared by you will certainly stand out in the crowd even if you keep just one piece of gift in it. Make use of some complementing decorations such as bow and tie to make the baby gift basket more attractive.

Alternatively, you can also buy a cute baby gift basket along with few useful baby gift items and you can also make your own packing so as make the gift unique and different from the crowd.

Moses Basket

Moses basket is the traditional oval shaped basket left by the mother of Moses. The original Moses basket was said to be oval and elongated and left in the river by his mother, which was later picked by the pharaoh’s wife. The oval Moses basket goes well for any baby gift basket needs and you can also pack many bulky gift items such as baby diaper, etc., inside due to the spaciousness of the basket.

Many parents also find the Moses basket useful for letting their baby sleep inside safe and secure due to the bigger size of the basket, but the parents should ensure that the basket doesn’t get toppled or dislodged so as to avoid any possible injury to the baby. Further the Moses basket, being bigger in size, will also serve for the purpose of storing or stashing away baby’s items such as clothes, toys, etc., and the parents will find it very useful and thank you for your thoughtful and useful gift.

How about a Bathtub as a ‘Basket’?

Many typical and practical parents will shudder the very idea of receiving a baby gift basket and for such people you can even think of gifting a baby’s bathtub as a baby gift basket. It is for sure that your bathtub baby gift basket will raise many eyebrows with appreciation including the parents of the newborn baby. The moment people see your kind of practical and useful gift, they will start wondering how it did not strike their mind and within no time you will become a very valuable guest. You can also try to use any of the baby car seats or bassinets as baby gift basket to break any monotony.



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